Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Breakfast nook before and after

It's amazing how quickly life just takes over, isn't it?  In the past three months, EVERYTHING has changed.  Since we talked last there was Thanksgiving, (too much turkey, anyone?), Christmas (had some great family time!), New Year's (totally missed it - went to bed early :), my house was leased, the kids and I moved to a new place, we've had a couple birthdays...all in all, a LOT has happened!

I thought I'd share what I've been working on - well, part of it at least.  We (the boys and I) got a rental house not too far from where we used to live, but in much more convenient to everything.  I still have some boxes to go through, but in under three weeks we've really started to settle in to our new home.

Here's a before of the breakfast room:

The plate wall started because I don't have as much storage in the kitchen as I do stuff (shocker, I know!) and I couldn't store some of my most favorite platters.  So, I decided to do what any normal person would do and hang them on the wall.  I figure they're my favorites, yet, they're so large I only use them a couple times a year, so why not hang them up and enjoy them year round?? Genius, if you ask me :)

I started with my favorites, and added others for color and interest.  I only bought one plate for the entire wall, so the wall only cost me one $3 plate and the price of the dischangers.  (and they are WELL worth the money).  No wire hangers, no wondering whether or not they will hold, they're just great - and no I'm not being paid to advertise them, I just love them.

First came the new light.  Metal plant hanger painted teal and turned upside down, wired into the existing fixture.

terrible picture, but you get the idea...
Vintage Edison bulb from Lowe's.


Then I started hanging them.  It took me about a week or so because I just hang two or three at a time so I could see how I felt about them.  I'm big into pre-planning, you can tell.  I finally finished about three days ago.

Enjoy!  Happy Tuesday!!!


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