Friday, March 2, 2012

Using a tension rod as a spray bottle hanger

I saw this pin on pinterest the other day and was awestruck at the utter simplicity and brilliance of it.  Using tension rods under the kitchen sink to create hanging storage for spray bottles.

So, armed with a clever idea I put it to good use this morning while my kids ate breakfast.  I had some leftover tension rods in the garage from my recent move, and while none of them fit under the sink (they were all too big) I figured I could cut it to length and then wedge it between the walls so it would hold.  Sure enough, it worked brilliantly!  Here are the pictures:


Nice and tidy, with room left over for storage of other very important stuff :)  (note: I store my garbage bags in the bottom of the garbage can under the bag that's currently in use so I don't have to store them someplace else).

And here's the before.  Obviously, everything was just shoved under the sink with no attempt to organize anything.

So, I took a standard oval shaped tension rod and held it in place where I wanted it.  I chose to go front to back along the left side wall because there's no wall on the right side under the sink for a rod to hang (see above picture).

I measured the rod accurately ;) then cut it with a hacksaw.  I just sawed back and forth a few times and then bent it to break it.  Super easy.


I pulled the extra cap off the side of the tension rod I wasn't using.

 Unfortunately, it was a little too big so I just shoved a paper towel under it to make it fit.

I wedged it in place where I wanted it.  I didn't put a level or anything on it I just eyeballed it.

Then I hung all my spray bottles and voila!

It's all clean and organized now!! 

If you have any questions just leave a comment and I'll do my best to answer.

Thank you!  Happy Friday!



  1. I too love the simplicity of an old tension rod to nicely store my spray bottles in the unused space ABOVE the bottom of the cabinet. My question ... does the weight of too many bottles cause the rod to sag or fall down?

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