Tuesday, March 20, 2012

New Lights!

So, it's raining really hard here today. Like, flooded my backyard, really hard, but despite that the boys and I HAD went to Lowe's this morning. I went with every intention of buying ONE piece of wood and two corbels for a shelf, but you know how that goes.

I came home with four - FOUR - lights and a new lampshade, no wood.  (in my defense, the lampshade has been on the list for ages, but I kept forgetting).  AND, one of the lights is for my sister, so I really only came home with three lights and a lampshade.  Would it sound better if I told you I only spent $25 on three lights???  And no, they weren't the cheapest things I could find either - Lowe's was having a HUGE clearance!!  Yay me!  At that price I couldn't pass them by.

Despite the fact that the boys and I are living in a rental house right now I could NOT pass up a new light fixture (wait until you see the before picture!) and for $7 who can argue?  Onto the pictures!

I am in L-O-V-E with school house light fixtures.  Like this one from Restoration Hardware:

But, I can honestly say I do not like the $139 price tag.  No sir.  Not for me.  But $7??  Yep!  Sign me up.

The hall light was the same as this kitchen light (I forgot a before photo of the hallway...too excited to replace it!):

Nice, huh?  Comes complete with a clip on plastic shade (bugs are free).

Here's the $7 steal I got from Lowe's.

What a deal, right?  While I was there I also scored this new pendant light for above the kitchen sink ($8 for this one instead of $42):

Here's that beautiful before light again:

And now:

And it even works!  (I've never installed a light before - today I installed two!  Yay me!!)

The third light is a wall mounted swing arm lamp for the guest bedroom.  ($10 instead of $41).  I'll install it another day.  My boys are up now, naptime is over..time to get back to work! 

Have a great Tuesday!


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