Sunday, August 28, 2011

Vintage French Postmarks and Furniture

So, I was moseying through blog world the other day when I came across this tutorial.  I usually hand draw all my own lettering but was fascinated by the idea of using stuff I already have on hand to reproduce vintage postmarks (or ANYTHING else) on my furniture.  I had already painted this small table (annie sloan chalk paint - ASCP - chateau gray):

and I was pleased with the results (here's where it started):

but I knew it wasn't finished, YET.  When I read the tut I immediately whipped out a postmark I had saved from the Graphics Fairy a while back.  I opened it in photoshop and got it ready to print as a mirror image.  Meanwhile, I went and got my freezer paper ready to go.  When that was all done and printed (I had to set my printer to iron-on transfer - it wouldn't print otherwise) I got to work burnishing the image to the top of the table.

{LOVE}  I think it's fantastic!  (if I do say so myself!)  I do have to say, it took a LONG time to dry.  I was worried then about waxing over the ink (even if it was dry) for fear that it would smear.  It didn't!  YAY!

So, with that all figured out I went to work on this little chest:

It's fairly small.  About a foot and a half wide and 14 inches deep and only 10 inches tall.  I painted it with a mix of ASCP louis blue, chateau gray, and paris gray.  It's a warm gray with just a hint of blue now:

For the image on the top I found the graphic I wanted to use then enlarged it in photoshop and made it so it would print in multiple pages.  Then I put the graphic on the top (don't mind the REALLY blue tint to the image):

It printed on two pages (using the same freezer paper method) and carefully lining up the image so that it would be seamless.  I printed this one in color, because the postmark on the top right is a teal blue.  It's beautiful!  After it dried I waxed it (and the stain came through the ASCP to make it look distressed without having to use any dark wax) so I just went with it.

I'm working on that Mercury Glass tutorial still!  Be patient - it's just me here with two small boys (and all you moms out there know how that can be!)  I'm doing my best - and want my tutorial to be awesome for everyone!

Have a great Sunday!


  1. This is beautiful! Can you explain how you did the freezer image transfer? Thank you~

  2. hey Becky. Basically I followed this tutorial:

    Except, obviously, I put mine on my furniture instead of fabric and I just let it dry when I was done instead of ironing it.

    If you need a more in depth tutorial (with pictures) just let me know and I'll do one the next time I use this technique!

  3. Beautiful pieces, the postmarks are unexpected and fun! I found your site from Miss Mustard Seed's link party :)

  4. great job on both, i love the romantic feeling that postmark image lends to the pieces and your total composition of colors, technique and graphics is outstanding! dropping by from the DIY showoff project parade :) Diane

  5. Found you on the DIY Showoff.
    This is such a great idea and it looks amazing.
    So many possibilities.... so few pieces of furniture! :)

    ~ Meredith from A Mother Seeking
    This week:

  6. Beautiful job on these pieces! Great idea about printing the image and joining it when you want to do larger ones than you can print! I use this same method but with old label sheets. One thing I do that helps eliminate smearing is to dry the image using a heat gun but sounds like you're projects are going great without that! Love both of them!

  7. your projects turned out great!! I was afraid to try the freezer paper technique but you have convinced me to try it..
    Thanks, Tina

  8. So beautiful furniture and its unexpected it thanks for sharing.
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