Monday, October 17, 2011

Easy (free) couch makeover

Proof that I am nuts. So, here's the couch I've had a while. I love the couch, but HATE the back cushions. Since I'm in no position (and don't want to) buy a new couch I sewed them so they actually go with the couch better now. Since the before picture doesn't show the pillows in all their glory, let me tell you how it is. Was.

The couch is pretty modern(ish). The cushions on the back were glorified pillows. You lean on them and the stuffing all goes away. My youngest son's favorite trick was to get on the couch and jump up, lift his feet up in front of him, and plop down in the middle of the cushion. No amount of beating, stomping, or other form of abuse could make these cushions look decent (and this picture was taken when the house went on the market, so it was a particularly brutal day for the cushions ;) This is the before.

This is the after. I trimmed the corners, and made the cushions a box shape that actually goes with the bottom cushions. I think I will add some button tufting to the back cushions to help hold the stuffing in place. Ahh...I love my couch again :)   (excuse the fancy night time photos)  I've made new pillows now and recovered a chair in the living room so I will be posting a before and after soon.


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  1. That's very cool! Good for you! I'm stopping by from Twice Owned Tuesday.


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