Thursday, October 20, 2011

Electric side table

I had a dilemma.  When sitting in the chair in my living room, I have no where to plug in my lamp, phone or laptop that doesn't stretch across a walk way that is a) going to throw one of my kids on the floor when they run past without paying attention or b) jerk the lamp, laptop or phone off whatever surface it is on and send it smashing to smithereens on the floor. The plug I normally use is right behind that box of cars.  You can see why it's not safe to plug anything in there.

I just refinished a table to replace my old side table and I needed to be able to plug in whatever I wanted to plug in without having to unplug it every time the kids are playing.  So, I had the bright idea to put a power strip underneath the edge of the table so anything can be plugged in without causing a problem.

I went to ACE (the closest hardware place) but couldn't find a power strip with a flat plug (because I wanted to plug it into the plug that's under the rug in my living room - I was trying to eliminate cords stretched out anywhere that makes them a trip hazard), so I just got a regular extension cord with a flat plug.  I also got some white zip ties and some heavy duty double stick foam tape.


I plugged in the extension cord and ran the cord under the rug over to the table.  Then I double stick taped (is that a phrase?) the plug in end of the cord under the edge of the table and zip tied the cord to the leg.  Now everything is neat and orderly and most of all hazard mostly hazard free!  

This is the view from my chair:

Go forth and be creative!


  1. What a great solution. I have kids and am always worried about them tripping over wires. I am a new follower from Transformation Thursday. Vicky from

  2. that is a great idea! Thanks for sharing.



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